By: G. J. Barbosa, Ansaldo, Vinitelli

"If they discover the secret,
it would be the death of us."

Manipulated by the gods, a young athlete illegally enters the Olympic games. Pursed by the authorities, Zestra flees Athens, only to be chased by bounty hunters after brother Lyrias steals gold. Andomini, the family's paternal leader is a devoutly religious farmer, and is constantly at odds with his wife, Demarete, an atheist and a descendent of Spartan royalty, who is hiding in the foothills outside Athens.

Zestra voluntarily submits to slavery as a chariot driver in order to book passage out of Greece. As a servant to Prometheus, they travel city-to-city, eventually reaching Rome, and become entangled in chaos, treason, and political corruption.

A Praetorian guard discovers their secret, and recruits Zestra as an assassin to those who wish the Emperor dead. The death of Commodus brings the appointment of Emperor Pertinax and peace, until rebellious Legions march on Rome. Zestra must convince Athens and Sparta to fight for Rome; otherwise all will be food for the lions in the theater.

Curse of Athena is the first in a series of five novels, beginning in 180 AD at the height of the Roman Empire.
This is a fictional adventure, but is historically accurate. The author intends for you to truly understand every aspect of ancient life, within a fast paced epic tale..

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